5 Signs for Motor Car Brakes System need to Check

5 Signs for Motor Car Brakes System need to Check




Hello readers, welcome to carlistbd.com. We would like to thank you, those of you who read our blog and visit the site regularly and inspire us to move forward.  We all know that our team always brings a new article for drivers, car owners, and related concerned people.  Today we share the 5 Signs for Motor Car Brakes System need to Check that is helpful and necessary for all of us.

We know that Imagine, on a beautiful, quiet morning, in the soft light of the sun, lowering the window glass, you are going somewhere in a light mood, listening to music in the car. Suddenly a piece of steel or glass came to the front. The car running at a speed of 60 km needs to brake very fast but you can’t. After braking, it takes a level equal to the football field to stop the car. And this happens only when you don't check your car's brakes regularly. If you feel like this, it is important to check the brakes of the car quickly. Because this is a little car brake on which the whole safety of your life depends. Although there is no way to enhance or modify the beauty of a car's brakes, the most important part of a car is the brakes. And there are some signs of bad brakes, 5 signs that you need to check the car's brakes -

1. Worn Brake Pads:
First, you need to know how the brakes work. Disc brakes are used in most cars. This disc brake works the same as ten-speed bicycles. In a hydraulic system, the trigger is filled with fluid and tied with a set of pads known as calipers. And a rotor is used to hold this disc together. The friction between the pad and the rotor causes the car to stop. After a few days of use, you will notice that the pads are getting thinner. As a result of friction, the pads become weak and it takes a long time to break the car. The easiest way to check the density of the brake pad is to twist the brake pad on the caliper. You have to look through the spoke part of the wheel to find the shiny part of the metal of the rotor. And around the outside of the rotor is a metal caliper. And there is a pad in the middle of this rotor and caliper. You can measure with your fingers. Usually, a brake pad is up to a quarter of an inch thick. But if it is thinner than this, you must change the pad. If the car's wheel spooks don't look like the design, open the tires and check the rotor and pads inside. If there is any groove or hole in the rotor, you must replace the rotor.

2. Strange Noises are a Sign that the Car's Brakes are Bad:
Many of them sang in full volume while sitting in the car. Listening to music with a lot of sound in the car is as much a problem for your ears as it is for the brakes. Another small sign of understanding that your car's brakes need to be fixed is that the braking system shuts down when too much pressure is applied when the brakes are applied. And yes, in that case, the brake pad must be changed. And if the sound inside the car is found even when the car glass is raised, then the car must be taken to a good mechanic.


3. Pooling or Sudden Pulling:
Have you ever felt like your car has its feeling! When the steering wheel rotates to the right or the left, does it feel like the car is turning on its own? And if something like this has happened, then it must be taken as a sign of bad brakes in your car. And the reason may be the tightly stuck caliper. This may be due to the friction of the wheels. Your car may get stuck on the side where the caliper gets stuck. There are two more reasons why your car may crash, one is when the calipers move unevenly after braking and the car brakes cover off. Or uneven brake pads when applying different pressure to different wheels. Stopping is not always the case with brake problems. Uneven, poor alignment, vehicle suspension problems, loose tires, etc. can also cause such problems. If you face such a problem, take the car to a good mechanic's shop. Maybe if there is a small problem, it will be easily cured.


4. Vibration is Felt:
If this ever happens, you have to stop the car by pressing the antilock brake on an emergency basis, then you already know how the brake pads or wheels vibrate as a result of slowing down the car. And the speed of the car has to be reduced through the rotor. If the braking system vibrates like this even during normal braking of your car, then you have to understand that there is a problem with the braking of your car. And if you see these signs, you must understand that the rotor of your car may have opened or become loose. Such vibrations are felt when the brake pads press on the uneven parts of the rotor. Which you can understand by putting your foot on the brake pedal.


Rotors usually do not erode easily. However, when a lot of pressure or load is placed on the vehicle or the vehicle may expire, the rotor may be worn out. Also, when going on a steep road or pulling a heavy object, friction generates a lot of heat. And this heat can cause the size of the rotor to change.

5. Sensitive Brake pedal:
In addition to vibration, you can also put your foot on the brake pedal of the car to know if there is any problem in the brake system of your car. If the brake pedal becomes loose or soft, you can see that it touches the floor of the car before braking. In this case, it should be understood that there is a problem in the brake pad or the brake pad is old. This can also be due to a defect in the hydraulic system.


It can also be difficult to break due to air entering the line, air leaking or fluid leaking from the brakes. Well now think how to check for fluid leaks? Put a piece of white cloth or some thin cardboard under the car overnight. If you see any oil sticking to a piece of cloth in the morning, you should understand that there is leakage and if not, there is no fear.


On the other hand, when the brake pedal is stiff, it can work with a light touch. This can happen when uneven and worn out rotors, dirt in brake fluid, or air in brake fluid get wet. You can solve this problem by changing the fluid yourself. In that case, your cost will be very low.

If the brake pad is right, you can easily break with your feet.


Car brakes are an important part of the car. Get rid of any brake problems as soon as possible. A big accident can happen in Tanahle. Even fatalities can occur. When the car is under your control, your life will be safe. Thank you all for reading this article. We (carlistbd.com team) are grateful for the time you have given valuable feedback about the article.

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