7 Accessory Parts That Can Be Dangerous for your Driving Life

7 Accessory Parts That Can Be Dangerous for your Driving Life



Hello readers, welcome to carlistbd.com. We would like to thank you, those of you who read our blog and visit the site regularly and inspire us to move forward.  We all know that our team always brings a new article for drivers, car owners, and related concerned people.  Today we share the 7 Accessory Parts That Can Be Dangerous for your Driving Life that is interesting and helpful for all.

The car means one of our many hobbies, many favorites. And if you are a fancy person, there is no question. We use many types of parts or sorting devices inside or outside the car. And many people leave a lot of necessary equipment inside the car along with unnecessary equipment. Many also bring car accessories or accessories from abroad. We don't understand which ones can be useful and which are just harmful. Let's take a look at 7 car parts that can be dangerous!

1. Lifting Kit:
Natural regulation is bigger than the policy of the country. ‘Objects that are heavier on the upper side naturally reverse - you don’t have to be a scientist like Isaac Newton to know this natural law. Some cars use lifting kits during modification to increase the height of the suspension. As a result, the upper side is higher and the load on the upper side is increased. The center of gravity changes. Because of this, the higher the suspension of the car, the more likely it is to overturn. One study found that raising the suspension of the 1992 Ford F-150 to 4 inches and the body to 3 inches increased the risk of overturning cars by 30% if 38-inch tires were added. Also, the efficiency of the car's braking system was reduced by 25%. This means that it is easy to understand that lifting kits can become dangerous as accessory parts of the car.


The car is lifted with some lifting equipment.

2. Colorful Fog Lights:
Fog lights are usually used in foggy conditions. But when the fog light is colored, the whole thing becomes ridiculous and sometimes even dangerous. The rationale behind using colored fog lights in foggy environments is as follows: If white fog lights fall on fog, you will see a blank and bright screen in front. This can cause problems in driving. So people use colored foglights. Better if you can use yellow-colored lights. This is because yellow lights have good wavelengths and are sensitive to the human eye and reflect light in the same way. So if you use yellow light instead of white headlights in many foggy conditions, a lot of fog can be removed and it can be seen a bit clearer. But another study found that for some people, only the yellow light works, and for others, it doesn't work very well. However, it is better not to use this type of colorful fog type accessory parts light.