Different Types of Motor Car Chassis

Different Types of Motor Car Chassis


Hello readers, welcome to carlistbd.com. We would like to thank you, those of you who read our blog and visit the site regularly and inspire us to move forward. Today we want to discuss with you all about the Different Types of Motor Car Chassis that helpful for all.The motor car has to recognize different types of car chassis that can prove beneficial. This can also be of assistance in helping you to choose the correct type for the car.

Ladder:  A ladder frame car chassis is a common type of frame used as a base for vehicles, creating a solid base from the shape that the name suggests.


Backbone: A substantial central component is necessary for a backbone car chassis, connecting the front and rear of the entire frame.

Monocoque: A monocoque car chassis is one that uses metal that is molded from sheets of the material, which is the same method used to build other parts of the frame. This type of chassis is similar to a unibody type.

Space: A space chassis can also be known as tubular even though it is not tubular in the true sense. The components are welded together to create a strong frame that comprises some flexibility.

Combination: You will often find that a car chassis is not any single type, taking elements from a range of different types to create a version that is best suited to the car frame.


Although the shape and power of the chassis of all wagons are almost the same, there are many differences if you look closely. The chassis of a small car is less expensive to build, but it is a little harder to build and operate its perfect small machinery. A little bigger motor is nice to look at, the mechanics are also quite strong.

These have the advantage of exerting more energy. A little bigger motor is convenient when going up hilly roads - because it has more horsepower. The three-wheeled vehicle (Tempo etc.) has a V-shaped engine with two cylinders which is cooled by air. The cylinder engine is also cooled by water. The chassis of a large car is usually much longer than that of a small car. Many cars also have transverse springs on the front. Larger cars are of 20-26 horsepower.


Front-wheel drive car: In most cars, the rear wheel is powered and driven - the front wheel is used to rotate two cars. However, the front-wheel-drive car has the same power and rotation system at the front wheel, so the car cannot skid in the opposite direction when turning. So this type of car is very useful in terms of work convenience, there is no doubt about it.

Four-wheeled bus or truck: Heavy buses or trucks are powered by two pairs of front and rear wheels. Such a system is very useful for heavy vehicles and for carrying more goods.


Excel:The car has one axle at the front and two at the rear. The two front wheels are connected to the front axle through the star axle. Attached to the rear two wheels through the differential with two back or rear axles.

Rear-axle: There are various types of rear axle placement. Such as semi-floating or floating, three-quarters floating, and full-floating system. The last two methods are to replace or repair the installed rear axle without removing the differential gearbox.

Driving shaft:One end is connected by a universal joint to the Cardan shaft - the other end is connected to the driving pinion. It is also called Tail Pinion Shaft.


Driving pinion: It gains speed from the driving shaft-so it drives the crown pinion.

Crown Pinion: The differential pinion is attached to it by a casing bolt - so that it also rotates the casing. The shaft of the casing and the bevel pinion is attached to it so that they also rotate. It also has a bearing position with the rear axle bevel pinion. In this way, the two wheels keep moving and the car keeps moving.


In small cars, the differential box is directly connected to the rear axle. But in heavy vehicles, the differential box, not directly attached to the wheel axle, is hung on the chassis. Its motion is transmitted to the rear axle with the help of wheels and chains.


In many cases, if the connection of the diarrheal pinion is not correct or if there is any slack, it makes a growling noise - it causes damage to the vehicle. In this case, it is not right to drive without repairing the car.

Front axle: The front axle is made by a long shaped iron bar. In modern cars, it is made of chrome vanadium steel. This steel is used to straighten the bow by bending it many times but it is not damaged. If the front axle is bent due to pushing, it can be easily repaired by heating. If the axle is bent - the direction of motion of the vehicle is also bent - so never repair, driving in such a situation is prohibited.


Cross rod or crossbar:This rod is placed on the back or front of the front axle. It is attached to the two arms of the front axle speedfully. In some cars, it is made with H-shaped bars for narrowing. If you put it in front of the axle, it can bend and collide with something - that's why in all modern cars it is placed behind the axle. Some cars also have adjusting adjustments to make the rod smaller or larger. When used for a long time, two pins of the edge of the rod are often lost. We need to keep an eye on that



Tie Rod: With the help of this rod, there is a pull or communication system with the rear axle up to the universal joint. As a result, the rear axle line cannot be differentiated. This rod is called a tie rod or tie bar. This is also a necessary part of the car.

Spring: The aggregate of steel sheets between the chassis and the axle is called the spring. When these springs are fired very carefully, the impact of the road is less on the body of the occupants while the vehicle is running. The better the spring, the less push there will be. It is a little difficult to get proper pineapple in this spring. However, if you can do it properly, the car is very good and comfortable to ride. Properly covered, it will withstand many adverse conditions. Sometimes you have to give Vaseline or fat. Otherwise, it will rust.


Spring is on both front and back. How the springs are connected on both sides is explained well with the help of the next figure 8.

It is usually seen that when the spring breaks it breaks from the middle. So that place is weakened by holes. Many springs are make in thick with a very wide sheet so that there is no risk of breaking.


Different types of springs: Springs are of different types in different parts or different vehicles. There are many types of springs being talked about here.


1. Helicopter Compression Spring - This type of spring is commonly used as a front spring for small vehicles. This spring is effective when pressure is applied to it.

2. Helical Tension Spring- This spring works when pulled. The return spring of the brake drum is of this type.

3. Ballet Spring - This is also effective when pressed. It is used to hold the inside of the brake drum.

4. Multiple loaf springs - these springs are large - are usually the type of car road springs. This spring is made by placing wide iron sheets one after the other. This is especially important for spring motor vehicles. It comes in many shapes.

5. Wheel- This type of spring is made by wrapping a thin sheet of thin iron. As the spring of a watch or a gramophone - these are just that kind.

Shock Absorber: When the jerk or jolting of the car cannot be reduced by using the spring in a very forceful manner, another spring should be attached to it in such a way that no jerk is applied to the car. These are called shock absorbers.

Some vehicles are fitted with wheel springs between the front spring and the chassis. When installed in this way, the front of the car jerks very little.


The thinner and stronger Spring's party is, the better. If the party is thin, the jerk will be less. Nowadays, all the cars in the front spring have shock absorbers. This is done across the coil spring with the fork of the car's back spring. Two or four such springs are fitted on either side of the vehicle. Thank you all for reading this article. We (carlistbd.com team) are grateful for the time you have given valuable feedback about the article

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