Donald Trump's limousine that's in this Car

Donald Trump's limousine that's in this Car

Power! It can be said that the whole world is under the control of power. The more power he has, the more he can control. However, there is some embarrassment of power again! The person in power has to be alert all the time, whether anyone is injuring him or not! He has to choose a very different lifestyle from normal! The person in power has something exclusive in many things in use. If we talk about US President Donald Trump! Much of the world is determined in his hands.

And what will be the car used by this person! Surely you have thought of something, and there is no end to the curiosity! In fact, everyone should be curious! What kind of car does this world-famous man ride in, what kind of car is that, is there any exception in this car! We will learn some unknown facts about the Cadillac limousine "The Beast" specially built for Trump in 2016, which may surprise everyone! Let's not know about this car worth 1.5 million!

1. This is not a Cadillac car:
It's not actually a Cadillac car, which was previously scheduled for the president of the state. Called The Beast, this limousine has little in common with a standard production vehicle. Its chassis, diesel engine depends on GM’s Rugged heavy vehicles! Some standard trim pieces, such as headlamps, tail lamps make it look like a car, but it's completely different!

2. Attachment to aircraft: It has its own aircraft management system. A C-17 Global Transport aircraft of the Secret Service is attached to it. The president can travel with it at any time.

3. Equipped with safety equipment:
A lot of things can be needed in a car a lot of the time. Lack of small things can lead to big disasters. That's what the US President said again! The car has a fire extinguisher because there could be a fire at any time, just what a fire extinguisher! There are blood bags and oxygen supplies to meet the president's needs. There is such a shotgun chamber in his car !!

4. Sophisticated limousine sensor: Many militant groups are active in attacking world leaders. An attack on the US president could happen at any time due to resentment. The car has a sophisticated sensor system for this purpose. The signal will reach the driver before any attack. And the driver will be able to take action after receiving the signal. The whole body of the car is made of steel, so there will be no damage in the bomb blast.

Different parts of Trump's limousine

5. Passenger capacity: The first saree of the car has three passengers. Its a driver, a secret service agent for the president, and for the president himself. The four seats at the back, allocated for a presidential guest, are somewhat surprising given that the president's seat is covered in a dark blue cloth.

6. Steel titanium body:
Many people are also interested in whether the car is made of metal. It is doubtful whether the car in which the US President is riding has gold or diamond pieces in it. In fact, the body of the car is made of a combination of steel, titanium, aluminum, and ceramics. If the car is called an armored car, it will not be called more. The body of this car, which is made of five inches thick metal, is also very strong.

7. Safe Driver:
The driver of the US President's car must be very tactful. In whose car the world leader must also be trained. The driver has to deal with many more aspects including the ability to control the situation with a strong hand. That's why the US Secret Service's specially trained person is chosen as the driver of the safest car in the world. In any case, his main job is to get the president to safety. For this, he also has the ability to rotate the car at an angle of 180 degrees. The car has a glass wall between the driver and the president, which can be used with the help of a switch.

8. Five levels of window glass: To protect the car, the window glass is made of polycarbonate which cannot be penetrated by any bullets or grenades. And the window next to the driver's seat can be lowered only 3 inches.

9. Still rim tires:
The tires of the car are of steel rim, so there is no possibility of cracking. Nor will it easily affect the wheels. The car also has a night vision camera, shotgun, grenade, and tear gas shell. Even if it has a flat rim tire, it will not be difficult to drive. The whole body of the vehicle is steel so there will be no damage in bombs and mine explosions.

10. Direct contact with the Pentagon: Needless to say, the US president is also very important from an administrative point of view. Not being able to reach him in an emergency can be dangerous. His limousine car has satellite phones for direct communication with the Pentagon for constant communication and surveillance. Through which communication is possible in any situation. The watchtower antenna in the car can be used to jam any device on the road. It is also capable of detecting driverless automatic vehicles.

Being a powerful person, Trump also has to go through a little special security system. Everything from the movement has a touch of the difference! Otherwise, danger can come at any time. So many technologies in his limousine to avoid danger. Even if you don't carry as much protocol as I do, our lives are worth it.

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