Rolls Royce-The most Expensive hand-built Car in the World

Rolls Royce-The most expensive hand-built car in the world

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If asked, which is the most expensive car you have ever seen in your life? Ferrari? Mercedes Benz? McLaren? Or Bugatti Veron? Each one may have different answers. But currently, the most expensive car in the world is the Rolls Royce Swaptail.

The current price of this car of the British company Rolls Royce is about 13 million US dollars. In terms of money, which is about 125 crore rupees! With this money, it is possible to buy a twenty-five-carat blue eternity diamond. Or you can buy a Ferrari, a Bugatti and a McLaren for the price of a car.

Who is this expensive car made for?

The car looks as beautiful and crafted as a private mini yacht on wheels. According to the Rolls-Royce company, the famous car company made only one version of this car for a buyer who did not want to be named. And it is the most expensive car sold in the world. However, according to sources from the internet, the car was made by Rolls Royce for Sam Lee, one of the 6 children of billionaire Tak Sammy Lee. Sammy Lee is a car lover and he has a collection of all the famous cars and expensive cars. He originally ordered a Rolls-Royce custom-made car to suit his needs.

Why is the name of the car Swapteil?
The Rolls Royce Automobile Company is already very much focused on the strategic side of the car. They are also very careful about the design of the car. And since the car was made by a wealthy and car-buying buyer, his needs and instructions had to be taken into account when designing the car. The car is influenced by Rolls-Royce designs of the early twentieth century. The Rolls-Royce Phantom model is named SwapTail because the rear side of the car is a little narrower and contains the drawing of a ship.

Why is it the most expensive car!

Only one version of this Rolls Royce SwapTail has been made. There is no other car of this model in the car market. Rolls-Royce hired a team of carmakers to build this one car. Each part of this car is made with unique design and construction materials. This car has a panorama type roof as per the demand of the sole buyer. As a result, the car looks like a boat from above. And no matter where you look from the inside, everything can be seen from the outside.

No measuring scale was used to make the grille on the front of the car. This grill is made entirely by hand. It took one man a day to make each rod of the grill and about five hours to polish it.

The leather used in the interior design of the car is made only from a special kind of bull skin of the cold country. Rolls-Royce uses only the skins of bulls that are slaughtered for food. The leather is processed at their car plant to make leather and used in cars. The chassis frame of the Swapteil car was first made in Germany. It was then transferred to the Goodwood plant in England, the birthplace of Swapteil, for finishing.

Special types of Ibni and Paldao species of wood have been used in it. The wooden panels used in the interior of the car are cut and designed by Rolls Royce staff to prepare the car. Rolls Royce never takes refuge in robots in these tasks.

To paint the car, you have to paint it in 22 layers in about 5 steps. The car needs to be painted using a special type of paint and a quantity of about 45 kg of paint. The work of painting is also done by human hands. After painting, the polishing work of the car is also done by the skillful hands of the people!