Short Description of Motor Car Emergency Break System

Short Description of Motor Car Emergency Break System


Introduction: Hello readers, welcome to We would like to thank you, those of you who read our blog and visit the site regularly and inspire us to move forward. Today we want to discuss with you all about the motor car Emergency Break System's short description that helpful for all.Emergency brakes are a secondary braking system installed in motor vehicles. Also known as hand brakes/parking brakes, emergency brakes are not powered by hydraulics and are independent of the service brakes used to slow and stop vehicles.


We using only levers and cables, each type of emergency brake is completely mechanical and bypasses the normal brake system. This ensures that a vehicle can be brought to a complete stop if there's a failure of the brake system. When you pull the emergency brake, the brake cable passes through an intermediate level, which increases the force of your pull, and then passes through an equalizer. At the U-shaped equalizer, the cable is split in two. The equalizer divides the force and sends it evenly across the two cables connected to the rear wheels. 


When the normal brake does not work, the car is stopped completely by emergency braking. An emergency brake often saves from major accidents and in many cases is also used for vehicle safety. Emergency brakes are an important part of the car. So when we learn to drive we need to know how and when to break the emergency.


Emergency braking is done mechanically on the vehicle through levers and cables. And even if the service brake fails in the car through the emergency brake, it is possible to stop the car completely. When the emergency brake is attached to the car, the brake wires are pulled through the inner lever or load lever which increases the pulling power of the car, and then it passes through an equalizer. Equalizers have two parts that look like the English letter U. The equalizers divide the applied ball into two parts and the two are attached to the rear wheels of his car to conduct energy.

Drum Brakes and Disc Brakes:
 Most vehicles use two types of brakes - drum brakes and disc brakes. Drum brakes are usually attached to the rear wheels of the vehicle and disc brakes to the front wheels. Emergency brake wires run directly along the brake needle as part of the brake. Which goes over the hydraulic brake system. Generally speaking, no separate parts are required to control the emergency brake system.


Emergency brakes attached to the rear wheels of vehicles are a more complex process. Sometimes the entire drum brake system is needed to fully lift the rear rotor. When a vehicle has rear wheel disc brakes without auxiliary drum brakes, a caliper is used to activate the parking brake process. And in this process an extra lever, corkscrew, is added to the caliper piston. When the emergency brake is pulled, the lever applies the force on the brake to the corkscrew from the reverse side of the caliper piston.


Electric Brake / E Brake: Electric / e-brake is currently used in some vehicles. Instead of using a paddle, lever, or console lever to pull the brake wires, an electric motor with a small button is placed on the dash signal. An advanced electric brake system makes proper use of the control system through the computer to keep the brake caliper busy.


Use of Emergency Brake System: Unless the brakes fail completely, stopping a moving vehicle completely through the emergency brake is never good for the vehicle and causes serious damage to the vehicle. That is why it is said that one should never think of oneself as a car racer and a racer thinks that drifting a car with e-brake is of no use. Driving with emergency brakes can cause many types of damage to the vehicle's emergency brakes and service. And if you ever have such a problem, you need to check the brakes and rotors to see if everything is OK.


Use of Emergency Brakes: Parking brakes are the most commonly used emergency brake. Emergency brakes are used by those who drive on a manual transmission or on a precise shift when they get out of the car. And if you don't use the emergency brake, the car can roll over on its own. Usually those who drive on automatic transmissions are not so accustomed to using emergency brakes.



You can park the car anywhere if you park the car on a hill and apply the emergency brake, then your car will be safe. Automatic or standard transmission You can keep any vehicle with an emergency brake in this way. When moving from a car park location, the pedal of the service brake must be released before the emergency brake can be applied to the automatic transmission. This will take all the weight of the pedal and you can easily remove the car from the park.


Emergency brakes are also used in vehicles for manual transmission. Emergency brakes can prevent a car from going backward if it starts on a hill. Emergency braking when the car is stopped and releasing the brake when releasing the clutch is a kind of trick. But don't just rely on these tricks, you must practice a lot on car brakes.


Although the emergency brake wires are covered in a sleeve. However, if there is any rust or damage to the wires, then brake failure can occur. If the emergency brake is always used, then maybe the wires are not damaged, they are in motion. So the emergency brake needs to be checked up regularly. And if necessary, the wires should be tied tightly.


Emergency Brake on Winter Days: Emergency brake wires freeze in winter. When the lever is off, the brakes cannot be released. So always try to cover the car in the parking area or with a cover. And if you can't cover the car in winter, then don't drive the car. Wait a while as a solution. Or try to give hot air to the part of the wire with a hair-dryer. It is best not to use the emergency brake completely in winter. And if your car is moving manually, then move it a little back and forth so that you can avoid the e-brake completely.

Conclusion: Using the emergency brake to stop a moving vehicle outside of a total brake failure is not recommended and can damage your brake system. The emergency brake can also be used as an aid to manual transmission drivers to prevent rollback when starting on a hill. But if you're ever in the highly unlikely but extremely serious situation of having your service brakes fail to function, try to stay calm and pull the emergency brake lever up slow and steady, bringing the vehicle to a longer but more controlled stop. Thank you all for reading this article. We ( team) are grateful for the time you have given valuable feedback about the article.

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