Short Description of Motor Car Looking Glass

Short Description of Motor Car Looking Glass


Introduction: Hello readers, welcome to We would like to thank you, those of you who read our blog and visit the site regularly and inspire us to move forward. Today we want to discuss with you all about the motor car Looking Glass's short description that helpful for all. Looking glass is a very important part of a car. You know, if you don't have a looking glass in your car, the traffic police can stop you and even fine you. In many countries it is a law to properly attach looking glass. Most accidents on buses or large pick-ups are due to broken or not looking glass. The car is mainly fitted with three types of mirrors or looking glass. In front of a driver is called a rear mirror. And there are two of them next to the two doors, they are called side mirrors. There are also towing mirrors, wide-angle mirrors, power mirrors. These mirrors are provided for looking behind and around while driving. And looking glasses are very important to see from different angles. Since these are made of glass, it is better to replace them completely if they are broken. In many cases, if there is a problem with the switch in the side mirror, it is better to fix it by showing a good mechanic. And if you see that the mirror is broken, you can easily repair it yourself. Save the cost of being a mechanic and become an expert yourself.

Always keep an eye on the looking glass:

When you fix any parts of the car at home, you will know exactly what the relevant accessories may look like. And if you need more equipment, it is better to take it in advance. Let's see what it takes and how to do it -

First you need two tools - black rubber sealant (glue), pre-made glass mirror.

Then open and remove the door panel.

As soon as you open the panel, you will see the hardware of the mirror, your work is there.

Remove the broken or old mirror and attach the new mirror.

Replace the entire panel in case of electric looking glass.

Finally, reattach the door panel as before.

Changing the Looking Glass: 

Requirements for the use of looking glass -

Take a look at the looking-glasses as you drive, and make it a habit.

Take a good look at the looking glass when changing lanes.

Looking glass is too much if overtaking is required, but overtaking is not good.

Looking glass is needed when turning right or left.

When slowing down or stopping the car completely, look in the looking glass to see if any cars or anything else is coming from the vicinity.


After stopping the car, look at the looking glass and get out of the car, it will not collide with any car or people coming from behind.

You must look in the looking glass at any important place - at the junction of the road, at the crossroads or the crossing of pedestrians, at the place where the road work is going on, at the place where you have to walk slowly, etc. All in all, keep your eyes looking like a looking glass - when speeding, slowing down, turning or turning, giving indicators to stop or stop, or to avoid an accident. Of these, however, looking glass is most needed when parking the car properly.