The Story of the Use of Lasers from Hurricanes in Motor Car Headlights

The Story of the Use of Lasers from Hurricanes in Motor Car Headlights




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Welcome to Take a sigh of relief at first, thinking that in this modern age you don't have to use the 1948 MG TC Roadster or the 1984 Ferrari 308 GTB model, the cars of the blind period. Because the light in the headlights of these cars was very soft. The headlights of this car could not be seen very far on the dark road. Since the discovery, the headlights of this insignificant light car have evolved so much step by step in the evolution of time that car lovers should have some idea about its history!


So let's find out how the headlights of the car appeared, discovered. And how much research has been done on it over the last hundred years and who has contributed to its improvement. In this article, we will also find out about some headlight making companies!



The oldest headlight in car history was a lantern or hurricane. These headlights, lit with acetylene or oil, were invented in the late 1880s. This acetylene lamp, or hurricane, gained popularity as a car headlight about a century and a half ago because of its ability to emit uninterrupted light. Even in the wind and rain, this light could be used to light a car. In the late nineteenth century, this lantern or hurricane type headlight was the mainstay, as electric headlights were not as technologically advanced as they were 10 years later.



Companies like Priest-O-Light and Corning Connor took the initiative to make these hurricane headlights more popular. Under their patronage, this oil-powered headlight became a valuable accessory of the car. Since Hurricane Headlights run on oil, the Priest-O-Light Company invented a way to store enough oil as fuel.


Although there was no way to increase or decrease the brightness of this hurricane headlight while sitting inside the car at first, later by installing a switch inside the car, a way to control this headlight also came out. Corning Confor then further enhances this hurricane headlight by working on its focusing and reflecting capabilities. By 1917 the Lantern or Hurricane headlights, made by the Corning Company, had been able to illuminate the roadside 500 feet away from the car!



The first thing that was needed for the invention of the electric headlight was the invention of the electric lamp. Although Thomas Alva Edison invented the first electric lamp in 1879, it took more than 20 years for the car's headlights to touch the electric light. The first electric headlight in history was introduced in 1898 by the Columbia electric car. This electric car company added this low power headlight to the car as an alternative headlight. However, after coming to the market, it did not gain much popularity due to two problems. First, the filament of this light could not stay on for long. And secondly, these headlights had to use dynamos to supply electric current. This headlight could not be supplied much power using a small dynamo.


Lanterns or hurricane headlights retained their popularity as car headlights until 1904. Since 1908, electric headlights have become the standard headlights for cars, with the constant improvement of electrical headlights. Then in 1912, the Cadillac division of the General Motors Company in Las Vegas tried to further improve the car's headlights and add Delco electric ignition and lighting systems to the car. And this is where the era of modern headlights began.

The same car had many sealed beam headlights.


By the 1940s the modern electric shielded beam headlight had taken quite a solid position in the car world. For the next 17 years or so, Americans fell into the trap of a law that could have been a kind of stalemate. The use of at least 7-inch headlights on cars was mandatory under a U.S. government traffic law. Then in 1957, this law was changed and the facility to use headlights of any size in cars came to an end. As a result, the headlight technology has the opportunity to move forward again!



By 1960, headlight manufacturers in Europe, Japan, and South America had extensively marketed sealed beamed headlights. The halogen lamp comes on the market at the end of the nearly 50-year reign of the electric seal beam lamp in the car's headlights. Then began the reign of halogen headlights. Sealed Beams and Singular Headlights - Halogen headlights continue to gain popularity in both cases.

In the world of headlights, halogen bulbs still shine in their light. But there is also a touch of technological advancement in improving these halogen lamps. Initially, the filament of an electric lamp was lit in a chamber of nitrogen-argon gas. But the filament in halogen lamps became more advanced and tungsten filament technology was added. Leaving this tungsten filament in the iodine gas chamber would have given much more light. Then the iodine was removed by the filament chamber of the bromine. As a result of the use of bromine gas, halogen headlights were able to provide more light for a longer time. Which plays a significant role in making halogen lamps more standard. Halogen lights have become an integral part of cars as car headlights for the past 60 years.

LED headlights


Now we have an LED or light-emitting diode. Which gives light much longer than halogen lamps and can reach far farther. LED bulb headlights came on the market by 2004. The first LED headlights were seen in the Audi A8 model. LED lights have been added to the car's headlights.



Despite the dominance of halogen lights in car headlights over the past half-century, scientists are now researching which technology will be most useful in the future. Because as the days go by, with technology, everything is getting better. So the car's headlights are not going to be left out! Scientists hope that laser headlights will be added to the car in the future. Thank you all for reading this article. We ( team) are grateful for the time you have given valuable feedback about the article.

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