13 Important Driving Tips for New Drivers

13 Important Driving Tips for New Drivers



Introduction: Hello readers, welcome to carlistbd.com. We would like to thank you, those of you who read our blog and visit the site regularly and inspire us to move forward. Today we want to discuss with you all about some Important Driving Tips for New Drivers that helpful for all drivers, car owners, and related concerned people.For new drivers, driving is much more fun and exciting. As soon as you pass the test driving test of the car, you will no longer have to wait for new drivers. They drove out on the first day to gain new experience. I will tell them that it is good to be confident but overconfidence can bring danger. Always remember, getting a car license means you are a qualified driver to drive a car, but not the ideal driver. There is more time left to become an ideal or good quality driver. New drivers must adhere to certain things. Learn some driving tips for new drivers.

1. Practice regularly: To become proficient in any subject, one has to practice it regularly. Driving is no exception, you need to exercise a lot. Practice driving alone on a relatively busy road without going to a busy road first. This will increase your driving skills.


2. Keep up with the instructor: Useful driving tips for new drivers at the beginning of driving is to keep an instructor with you for the first few days. Or set aside someone who is very experienced in driving. This will allow you and your passengers to travel safely. Keep an instructor with you when you learn to drive a new car.


3. Join different courses: After getting a car license, many people think of themselves as good drivers. But that's not the case. Even after getting a license, a driver has to learn a lot more. Remember, getting a driver's license increases your chances of having an accident by 99 percent. New drivers should take various types of courses like advanced skill lessons, defensive driving courses, etc. These courses are also conducted online. You can also get a fair knowledge about driving while sitting at home.

4. Learn to hold the steering wheel properly by looking at the driving tips book: Many people can drive well but do not know the correct rules for holding the steering wheel. The correct rules for holding the steering wheel are 9 to 3 clockwise or 6 to 4 clockwise. Holding the steering wheel in this way allows you to control the car better. And if you practice holding the steering wheel in this way, your hand will be less painful.


5. ‘P’ plate / ‘L’ plate: New drivers should always hang P plates. Here ‘P’ means the probation period. So that everyone understands that you are a new driver and still learning to drive. Or you can use an L plate. Put the L plate in the car to drive and learn to drive together.


6. Start the car by fixing the front mirror: This is very common for new drivers. Many times old and experienced drivers forget to sit right in front of the mirror when starting the car. It is much more important to sit in front of the mirror to drive safely. And if you go to fix the mirror while driving, then the danger can be tied. So not while driving, fix the mirror before starting the car.


7. Learn to use indicator lights: It takes a second for a road accident to happen. Learn to use indicators to avoid these minor accidents. When turning right, left or lane, be sure to signal with an indicator so that the rear driver understands what you are looking for. A lot of new drivers don’t know about indicators, which is frustrating. If you want to learn to drive, you must make it a habit to turn on the indicator light.


8. Learn to keep the right distance with the vehicle: One of the problems new drivers often face is not being able to maintain the right distance with other vehicles on the road. Learn to drive patiently and learn to stop at other cars and signals before driving. Drive at a distance of at least 3/4 seconds from the car in front.


9. Learn to park: Reverse parking is hard work for a new driver. Experienced drivers also have difficulty parking properly.


10. Learn to use speed: New drivers love to compete with the speed of the car, especially young or teenage drivers. It is more important to drive properly than to drive in pairs. 


11. Learn to control anger/language: No work is done properly in the heat of anger. Always try to drive with a cool head.


12. Refrain from using the phone: It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But those who love life may realize it. Does an accident just cost a person's life - people can become crippled, blind. With these things in mind, do not use the phone while driving.


13. Avoid intoxicants: If you want to survive with life, you have to refrain from consuming intoxicants. And before driving, do not consume any intoxicants at all. The ideal driving tips for new drivers are, never to grab the steering wheel while intoxicated. Learn and obey traffic laws.


Above all, always try to obey the traffic laws and the traffic police. Check all the paperwork before taking the car out on the road.


Conclusion: If you, the new driver, try to follow these driving tips, there will be no chance of any problem or major accident for the rest of your life. Keep your hobby car safe. Thank you all for reading this article. We (carlistbd.com team) are grateful for the time you have given valuable feedback about the tips and tricks.

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