5 Parts of the Car that Should be Repaired in Winter

5 Parts of the Car that Should be Repaired in Winter

Winter is a joy for many, but much more painful for some. And if you have your own car, truck or other vehicles then it doesn't matter. From cleaning your car to taking care of various parts, you must eat Himshim in winter. When it gets too cold, the car battery or brakes sit down very easily. It is very cold in our country lately. The temperature is fluctuating a lot. In today's article, we will tell you which 5 parts of the car have more problems in winter and which parts are better to repair.

Heating system failure

Usually, we use the heating system only in cold weather and winter. Everyone knows that the better a car is kept in the winter, the better. The use of heating systems is much less throughout the year, making it difficult to keep them in order. The heating system of most cars, trucks, and SUVs runs on two parts. One is the engine coolant system and the other is the cabin air circulation system. The two parts work together to increase efficiency. In most cases, the heating system gets stuck or fails due to dirty or broken radiators. In addition, if the engine is overheated, the engine can be severely damaged and this disaster can also occur. So in case of any such problem in your car immediately find the heating part of the car and be sure to seek the help of an experienced mechanic.

Change of windshield wiper motor

Currently, there is no exact weather address. Nowadays it is seen to rain even in winter. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either. If there is a lot of fog in Bangladesh, then it becomes necessary to keep the windshield clean. And then the windshield wiper is used more. The windshield wiper has two separate gears through which the power is supplied separately and the wipers run. The windshield has a switch through which the wipers are turned on / off. To keep car wipers running in winter, inspect the motors in advance and replace them if necessary.

A windshield wiper motor.

Windshield washer tank change

The fluids used in windshield washers are primarily made for cold weather. This fluid is used when the maximum temperature is twenty and the minimum is zero. Ordinary people fill the windshield washer tank with water. Failure of the windshield washer tank is due to such filling. When winter comes, the fluid inside the tank also freezes and hardens. As a result, the tank may break. Which subsequently causes fluid leaks. And for this reason, you must replace the windshield washer tank of the car in winter.


A windshield washer tank.

Oil cooler line change: Oil cooler lines are more likely to break or burst in the winter. Although this does not always happen. But if the wires in your car line are made of metal. Then they are less likely to be damaged. The wires are not damaged by the cold, but the whole line is damaged by the corrosion of the wires, like the small threads inside. These cable lines are more damaged in countries that get colder. When the engine is turned on, the wires hanging from the bottom of the car rub and become worn out. Thus friction produces excess temperature which in turn causes leakage in the line. Check and replace these car lines in the winter.

Oil cooler line pipe.

Changing car headlight bulbs in the winter: Headlight bulbs are components that need to be replaced before they can be damaged. Never worry before it gets ruined then it will be seen. Whenever you see that the light is getting a little dimmed, immediately check or replace the bulb inside. When you see light cracks or torn rubber seals in front of the headlights, you will initially realize that it is time to change the bulbs. If this happens then there may be water leakage inside the headlights. And for all these reasons, the bulb inside the headlight may break. The rubber seals on the headlights are more likely to break if it gets too cold. And this is the reason why it is seen to change the headlight bulb of the car in winter.

Car headlight bulbs.

When the car parts harden in winter, many people soften the parts with hot air. Many people use hair dryers. In addition, many people face many problems with cars in winter. Keep an eye on the watch's website and Facebook page to read the various parts of the car, parts problem-solving, tips, and tricks blog.

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