Easy Solutions for Sleeping While Driving a Car in Bangladesh

Easy Solutions for Sleeping While Driving a Car in Bangladesh

You must have ‘Mr. I remember the movie Beans Holiday. In a scene from the photo, poor Mr. When Bin falls asleep while driving at night, he eats Nakani-Chubani. Then he tries to keep him awake by doing some weird tricks. Eventually, however, he was able to reach his destination safely without falling asleep. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. However, in the case of long-distance driving, anyone can face such an aggressive sleep situation. Especially those of you who drive at night, they are more or less suffering from this problem. Sleep deprivation often becomes a major problem when driving. Because it can lead to terrible accidents at any time!

Feeling sleepy while driving is a much higher risk. Therefore, it is better to go out on the road in a car without understanding the effect of fatigue and sleep. When you are driving, you can feel yourself when you are very tired or sleepy. However, they do have some common symptoms, such as too many eyelids and heavy eyes, shortness of breath, difficulty keeping head up, difficulty concentrating, repeatedly moving to another line, forgetting to drive a few miles. Going, feeling bored and feeling restless, etc. If you feel this way while driving, you must try not to drive. This is because driving in this condition is very risky and can lead to serious accidents at any moment. And so here are some tips that will give you an effective solution to your sleep problems and make your long journey safer.

Try to get enough sleep:
Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep to meet your daily sleep needs. Many think that we can understand the warnings we already have in our minds. For example- we think when we feel sleepy in our brain and body, I know it and I can control it. But the stark truth is that sleep is a strong need that can overwhelm you very easily. So try to get enough sleep by adjusting your daily routine. And keep the indoor environment illuminated during night travel. If you keep the lights on at this time, you will be able to stay awake.

Try to get 15-20 minutes of sleep:
If you don't want to feel tired on a long journey, take at least a nap before driving. At least twenty minutes or less than an hour of sleep will give you a lot of rest. And it will be able to gain enough energy or performance to drive. You can also take a short break in the middle of a long drive. This will take away a lot of your fatigue and you will get the energy to drive again. Basically a 15-20 minute nap will revive you.

Eat nutritious food: Nutritious food helps to provide the necessary nutrients and energy to the body. You can eat any healthy food before driving. This will give you the strength to stay awake for a long time. You can add to the list of types of foods that help keep the sugar level in the body tolerable. If you feel very weak physically, you can take vitamin-B or vitamin-C tablets as per the advice of a specialist doctor. These will help make you stronger and more efficient.

Stay awake with tea or coffee:
Eating a healthy snack will help you stay awake. You can eat at least 100 calorie snacks. But playing more than that can be a problem again. You can drink tea or coffee to get rid of the feeling of sleepiness. In that case, you can eat ginger or lemon tea or strong liqueur rich tea. However, coffee is much more effective in relieving drowsiness. One cup of coffee contains about 75 milligrams of caffeine. Caffeine will temporarily give you the energy to stay awake while driving. So if you feel sleepy, you can take the help of a cup of coffee.

Stay chewing gum: There are many ways to get rid of drowsiness while driving. Suppose - if something keeps you busy, it will help you a lot to stay focused and awake. In that case, you can chew chewing gum from time to time. This will keep your face busy enough. As a result, your body's digestive system will continue to work. And a natural reflection of this will be created in the brain so that your sleep will not come.

Try to divert attention:
Try to divert attention from sleep while driving. Then you can listen to any program or song on FM radio to stay alert. Play music at least 90-decibels when you feel sleepy. Hopefully, this will wake you up. But if possible, travel with someone. Having someone else in the car will make you less likely to fall asleep. You can also keep a car window open. A breath of fresh air will give you a refreshing feeling and it will also take away the feeling of sleepiness.

Take proper treatment: If you are sick, go to a specialist and get proper treatment and advice. It is inappropriate to drive while ill, which greatly increases the risk of accidents. Also if you have to take regular medication for any reason, it is good to be aware of its side effects. You can find out from your doctor if this medication increases your sleep. In many cases, there are certain medications that can increase sleep. In that case, set the daily routine in such a way that you can get enough sleep.

Stay away from drugs:
Carrying drugs or driving under the influence of alcohol is a punishable offense. Always try to stay away from these. Drugs will make you confused and drowsy. Even a small amount of drugs can cause a lot of sleep deprivation. And driving in this condition will increase the risk of accidents several times. So refrain from consuming alcohol while driving. Drugs are always more harmful to the body, so it is better to stay away from them.

Schedule the right time: Try to drive when you feel physically healthy and functional. Refrain from driving from midnight to 6 am. At this time your body is most sleep-deprived and tired. You may suddenly fall asleep at this time. If you get tired of driving a tow truck, then it is not right to go on another trip. Many people's lives depend on your driving, so it is inappropriate to take risks. Always remember, the value of life is much, much more than everything!

Sleeping normally is a matter of much peace. However, when sleep is disrupted while driving, it becomes a big problem. Try to get out of this problem with a strong will and proper routine plan. Always try to drive safely in all kinds of situations. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I'll tell ya. Always be careful and take the necessary safety measures and get out of the car. Good luck from the guard, may your next path be safe and uninterrupted.

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