Safety Tips and Common Causes of Motor Car Accident

Safety Tips and Common Causes of Motor Car Accident

Introduction: Drivers have to suffer the most in a noisy city. The excitement in the city, light, sound, sight, and hearing, etc. put too much pressure on the nerves of the drivers. Driving and for this, the driver always needs some special mental preparation and an environment to be attentive. Driving in a noisy environment or with attention problems can be dangerous. Any major accident can be a little careless tomorrow. Today we will know what things can distract us while driving-

Don't Talk on the phone when Driving: 
As you can see in most driving and safety blogs, you know how wrong it is to talk on the phone while driving. Talking on this phone is blamed for major road accidents. If you need to talk on your phone, you can park the car somewhere and then finish the emergency. In this case, many people use handsfree / Bluetooth to reduce risk. But a study has shown that no matter how much you use handsfree or Bluetooth, talking on the phone will distract you and the accident is certain.

Material Thinking:  Some people like to think far away from small things. It once became their habit. And if these things happen on the main road, then there will be a terrible danger in the blink of an eye. So we need to stop dreaming during such days, especially when driving. Such materialistic thinking prevents us from paying attention while driving.

Don't Messaging, posting on Facebook while Driving a Car: Facebook is now our constant companion. You have to look at Facebook before you wake up before you go to sleep when you eat when you study. But the riskiest thing is that we all make the fatal mistake of Facebooking while driving. Eight percent of adult drivers said they send text messages while driving and have no accidents. Where accidents happen very easily in the case of young drivers. So it turns out, we want to be blameless on technology very easily. That is not the case. Facebooking is now a daily routine while driving

Don't Road Monitoring while Driving a Car: Driving in a city or a village is not one, but we see only interesting and glamorous advertisements and billboards in the vicinity. It is almost impossible to turn a blind eye to these advertisements. These ads will take away all your attention. You can't drive while you want to.

Don't Play games on mobile / tab while Driving a Car: Now in the golden age of this technology, some gadgets have been invented through which you can play games while driving. But so what do you play !!! DVD players, iPods, iPhones, etc. can all prove to be deadly gadgets while driving. It's another matter if someone listens to music or does something to break the monotony. But a driver must refrain from crossing his boundaries.

Driving while drowsy: Forty-one percent of adult drivers reported falling asleep while driving. And most of the time it is seen that no matter how conscious the driver is, his eyes will open at night, this is normal. While driving in such a state of drowsiness, about 100,000 accidents occur in the United States each year, 40,000 are seriously injured, and 1,550 people die. In this case, our advice is to have a cup of tea/coffee to wake up. Or park the car somewhere and take a half-hour power snap. So never drive while asleep.