Tips for safe travel during pregnancy in Bangladesh

Tips for safe travel during pregnancy in Bangladesh


A pregnant woman should travel during pregnancy only when she and her fetus are healthy. If you want to go somewhere during this time, you need to take some precautionary measures as well. Unsafe travel can often lead to many accidents. And so it is important to be more careful when driving. If any pregnant female member of your family travels long distances. But in that case, you must notice some urgent matters. And his journey will be safe and comfortable. Here are 7 tips to make a safe journey during pregnancy.

Consult a doctor:
It is much more important to consult a doctor before going somewhere pregnant. He can only go if he allows long-distance journeys. Because in this case there is a risk of harm to the health of the pregnant woman and her unborn child, one must try to stay away from those things. Basically, experts suggest that the journey of the first trimester and the last trimester of pregnancy is much riskier!

Prescription and prescription:
The required health report should always be kept with you at this time. It is also important to keep a doctor's prescription with you. It is also good to have some extra medicine with you. Because it will work in a moment of special need. In this case, a small bag should be filled with important things (necessary medicines, prescriptions, test reports, etc.) and kept at hand. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

Wear comfortable clothing: Wearing light-colored cotton loose clothing during pregnancy is comforting. At this time you should avoid heavily embellished clothes. Wearing black on a hot day will make you feel hotter, so you need to take care of that. Also, flat shoes of the soft sole should wear comfortable shoes. And sitting in the car for a long time can cause numbness or tingle in the legs. That's why you have to try to move your legs a little. And if possible, light exercise or meditation can be done while sitting.

Keep with food and pure water:
Unhealthy food or contaminated water from outside is always harmful to everyone. And in that case, outside food is much more unsafe for a pregnant woman. Homemade food and boiled pure water need to be kept with the journey time. Also to avoid dehydration during pregnancy, drink enough water. During this time you may need to go to the washroom again and again. In that case, you can stop the car and use the washroom of any restaurant, filling station, or any organization.

Sitting in the car carefully: You should sit in a private car with caution during pregnancy. The pregnant woman should be allowed to sit as she feels comfortable. In this case, considering the safety aspect, you must fasten the seat belt. It will be beneficial to keep the belt slightly below the abdomen and along the middle of the chest. Also need to wear shoulder and shoulder belts while sleeping. Thin pillows or cushions can be used to comfortably sit in the car seat. Sitting with a cushion under the back during pregnancy will not feel back pain.

Do not drive at over speed: When traveling, be sure to tell the driver never to drive too fast. Driving at extra speed can put a pregnant woman and her unborn baby at serious health risk! There is even a risk of miscarriage! In that case, you can limit the speed of your car to a certain extent so as not to take any risk. And if you use the Guard's Speed Violation Alert feature, you'll get instant notifications on your smartphone if the speed of your parked car exceeds a certain level. In that case, you can immediately ask the driver to slow down.

Preparing to deal with all kinds of situations: Always consider the advantages and disadvantages of pregnant women, it is better to take all kinds of preparations. She needs to have someone with whom she can share everything fluently. And it is better to know in advance the current condition of the road you are going on, whether it is broken or not. Also, if possible, you can go to the hospital where the purpose of the journey has been made before the start of the journey, what is on the way there, and in case of danger. Or you need to be aware of where to contact for help in case of any unforeseen danger.

Take the necessary steps if the physical condition is bad: Physical conditions may change at any time during pregnancy. In this case, you may suddenly feel bad or uncomfortable on the way. Then if vomiting or dizziness occurs, it is better to stop the car and take a little rest. Stopping at a safe place with cold water on your face or taking a short walk in the fresh air may improve the situation. He can also be consulted by calling his doctor immediately. And if the physical condition is worse, try to take him to a local clinic or hospital.

It is important for everyone in the family to be more aware of the care of a pregnant woman! They always need to take good care of the safety of the pregnant woman and her unborn child. Proper precautions should be taken considering the safety of a child-bearing woman while traveling. This will reduce the risk of any health risks. Let the future of every pregnant woman and her unborn child be bound in the safety net of reliance.

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