Tips to protect yourself from motion sickness along the way in Bangladesh

Tips to protect yourself from motion sickness along the way in Bangladesh

There are many of us who feel sick when we get in a vehicle. Get in motion sickness as soon as they get in the car. As a result, they feel dizzy, nauseous, or vomiting. And this problem is known as motion sickness. People with this problem are often reluctant to go on long trips. However, following some precautionary measures can save a lot from this motion sickness. Here are 7 tips to make your journey comfortable by bypassing the embarrassing motion sickness of the journey.

Motion sickness or motion sickness: 
When traveling in any type of vehicle, when symptoms like nausea or vomiting, dizziness, or headache appear, it is basically motion sickness or motion sickness. When our vision system sends mixed signals to the brain, that condition is called a sensory mismatch. And this problem is mainly due to the sensory mismatch. For example, this problem occurs when we sit in the back seat of a vehicle. At that time it seems that the speed of the car has increased a lot, but the seat in front of our eyes is then in a motionless, silent, useless state. We can then feel this dynamic state but our eyes cannot see it. As a result, the vision system becomes confused and sends mixed signals to the brain. This problem is caused by the incoherence of the brain due to the consistent position of motion and inertia.

Here are seven tips to help you avoid the embarrassing motion sickness of the journey:

Looking out the car window:
Those who suffer from motion sickness while traveling. When they get in the car, try to immerse yourself in the natural nature outside the window. In addition to enjoying the beautiful beauty of nature, you can also stay healthy. So instead of looking at the front seat for a long time, look at the outside. This will make everything outside seem to be moving along with the speed of the car. As a result, the vision system will no longer be able to send the wrong signals to the brain. However, if you have been looking at your laptop, mobile phone, or book for a long time, you may still get sick.

Remove odors from inside the car:
If you have a foul odor inside your car, you may still be vomiting. So use good quality air freshener to remove bad smell inside the car. You can turn on the AC to get rid of the odor inside the car. You can also put some naphthalene under the car seat. This will remove the bad smell inside the car.

Take a short break along the way: Go on long-distance trips by private car. Then if nausea or nausea works along the way, you can take a break for a while. If you have time, you can stop the car in a safe place and move around a bit. If you stay in the open air for at least a while, you will see that you are feeling much better.

Eat and drink wisely:
Excessively salty foods increase motion sickness. So it is better to avoid heavy food with oil and spices while traveling. Foods containing crackers or other carbohydrates can soothe the stomach, which can reduce nausea and vomiting. And so try to eat these foods while traveling. There is also a need to be a little more careful in drinking any beverage or cold drinks, artificial juices, etc. You can keep it with pure boiled water, glucose, or ginger or lemon tea while traveling. Also, smoking will exacerbate your motion sickness problem, so refrain from smoking.

Foods that prevent motion sickness: Ginger or ginger-based foods are much more powerful to soothe your uncomfortable stomach. Store a few pieces of dried ginger cut in a plastic bag. Whenever you feel the symptoms of illness while traveling, chew it gently. According to a report in ABC News, small fresh lemon juice can prevent nausea and vomiting while traveling. So you can keep small fresh lemons with you. Mint leaves also work great for relieving gastric nausea. So keep clean mint leaves with you and keep chewing it with your mouth whenever you feel nauseous.

Try to keep your mind calm:
Motion sickness is being touted as a bitter problem when traveling long distances. Then try to forget this problem and keep your mind calm. Look out the car window and take deep breaths. You can also take the help of the acupressure method. This acupressure method uses certain points of the body to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Some readymade bracelets are also available in the market using the acupressure method. These bracelets work by applying pressure to the wrist, which stops nausea.

Try to fall asleep: If you suffer from motion sickness along the way, try to fall asleep if you feel bad. And if you don't sleep, you can close your eyes and listen to music or lie down quietly. However, those who have a lot of problems, they can take vomiting tablets before getting in the car to get rid of this disease. However, no matter what medicine you take, you must take it according to the doctor's advice.

When you have to travel long distances for the sake of necessity, it is wise to try to solve this problem. You can also make your long-distance journey safer and your favorite car safer. A little precautionary measure will save you from facing any harmful situation. So to ensure your well-being and the well-being of everyone through your discretion, always take one step ahead to take precautionary measures. Take away all the hassles of your journey and make your journey comfortable and safe.

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